Summary Lane Thole Conventionalwisdom claims that Americans tend to be bias towards peoples past personalities than theirpersonality in the present. For example, in the podcast " The Personality Myth" when the lady goes to the prison and meets Dan a prisoner at the prison. She meets him and he is not like your normal prisone
Flash Fiction response    
I wrote this story because I felt like it related to me as a kid. I may not of found a dude stealing coins but as a kid I was always out and about exploring and finding new things I  would always go out with my friends and explore with them. I was never inside playing video games I was out and about. my mom would have to yell at me to come in side for dinner because I didn't want too. so that's how my flash fiction connected with my personality.
Flash Fiction
Jonny was a nine-year-old boy who live in a small town named tomato town. Jonny would ride his bike around town and one day he came across this cave. He decided he was going to go in to this cave and explore. When Jonny gets in the cave he notices this door. He goes up to the door and opens it and there are gold coins everywhere. Jonny quickly put as many coins in his bag. Just before he was about to leave the door opens and a big man comes in. He grabs Jonny and takes his bag and throws him out of the cave. Jonny was very scared. He rode his bike to the police station and told them what happened. The polices went and arrested the man for stealing coins from the government and little Jonny was the hero of the town. 

Response to my Self Portrait
I choose this picture for my self portrait because I like football and I feel it shows that how happy and exciting it is to score a touchdown in a football game. when this picture it was right after I scored and the was huge because that was my first touchdown of my high school career. I thought this fit my personality because I was super happy because I was playing the game I love.